Work Process

Our Work Process

Free Initial Consultation

We understand the value of our client’s time. Upon contacting us, we provide free consultation to clients who are not sure of how many hours would be sufficient to start with the Task Officer. Once we know the scope of the client’s business and the responsibilities to be performed, we allocate a Task Officer who suits the client’s requirement.

Proposal on Hiring Task Officer

Once we have understood the scope of the project, we create a proposal for the client, that includes the full projected cost of the dedicated Task Officer staff as well as other details. The proposal would be purely based on the requirements of the clients. If you are aware about your requirements then you can purchase a plan directly from the shopping cart.

Task Officer Recruitment

Our Recruitment Team, along with the Operation Team begin searching for Task Officers that fit the client’s specific job description simultaneously. Our back end office looks into the Personal background and employment history of each applicant. All our virtual agents have passed a General as well as a English test. Voice and Accent trainings are provided to Task Officers who are engaged with Outdoor calls. Depending on the job description, other tests are conducted. The candidate is then interviewed by our HR manager and the American management if required.

Task Officer Selection

Once a particular Task Officer is selected, the client can start working with the Task Officer. Similarly, a Team Leader will be in loop with the client, so that quality and efficiency is maintained. Our Task Officer will be available via email, phone or Skype, between the client and the client’s chosen applicants. If requested, we advise the client and help them make a hiring decision.

Continuous Management Support

To check the work of the Task Officer, the designated Team Leader continuously monitors the work of the Task Officer. This makes sure that the client can save time by having not to cross-check the work done by the Task Officer. Our Operation Team will send emails with regards to the feedback, every Friday, so that we can work on improving the quality of the Task Officer staff.

Task Papa has a capacity to handle 300+ clients. With a Task Officer team like ours, we are capable of adapting to new processes and approaches for formulating, enforcing and improving the effectiveness of QMS (Quality Management Systems) and meet consistent customer satisfaction.

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