A skilled resource just for you, Your very own Dedicated Assistant!

We work round the clock providing 24/7 services to small, mid, and large sized businesses and even to busy professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them complete time-intensive tasks such as web research and document creation which in turn helps you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your business.

We operate from the economic heart of India – Mumbai

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Don’t just take our word for it!

Wow! Wish I would have used a VA sooner. Essential for any business, great service and way more flexible and cost efficient than putting someone on directly. Will be using the VA as a permanent fixture in our business.

Daniel, Deputy Manager

Task Papa has been great in helping with various time consuming tasks, including content marketing, handling accounts receivables, and doing research on various projects, which saved me a ton of time.

Pat O’Connor 2ndChance Water Restoration

I recently planned a holiday and realized that for the first time that I would be away from my web design business for several weeks. As a sole trader I became anxious, who would look after my beloved business while I was away? I soon discovered Task Papa and they really stood out..

Shane, Managing Director

Task Papa has help with several social media campaigns and has helped raise funds for our little non-for-profit, which helps kids in Guinea. Task Papa has been instrumental in helping us provide housing, food, medical aid, education, and assistance in entrepreneurial endeavors in order to help empower children and adults to move out of poverty and into self-sufficiency by CONNECTING with Love!

Fatima Kollie Co-Founder of CONNECTING with Love

The Task Officer is a delight to work with. If you need help with administration, communication, or setting up your back office give them a call. I look forward to working with them again.

Bob, CEO

Task Papa did a great job on restructuring our website and correcting some of the SEO issues. They also have helped us with content marketing and social media strategies. I am really happy with the return on my investment.

Brad Paige President BankCard POS

How about increase in your productivity and business results like you have never seen before?

Yes, Task Papa can do that for you! Are you in need of some specialized or occasional assistance to grow your business? We combine the best Task Officers in the market with the best systems and tools out there to deliver immediate productivity and operational results for our clients. When you work with Task Papa, you can be sure you are dealing with someone who has the right experience, the right qualifications and the right attitude.

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Give Shape to Your Ideas!


Starting at $6.95/hour

Benefits of Hiring a Task Officer!

Business is about taking that leap of faith that could either make or break your career, entrepreneurs who are reluctant to take the plunge often get left behind. It is a common misconception that businesses need to hire a full-time, physical assistant, however, this is usually not the best option—at least not at the beginning. Perhaps ever.

Why opt for a Task Officer?

Anything that does not require a physical presence, is our answer, for availability isn’t the same as competency.

 Time is money and our Task Officers understand this.

 You may feel overwhelmed with your workload and seek help digging out from       the administrative pile.

 You want to be more productive and less stressed.

 Full- time employees may be available physically but may not be as competent.

 You don’t want the hassle of recruiting, hiring, and training a physical assistant.

 You need creative ideas to transform traditional business practices.

If time is money, it seems moral to save time. You want to save your time?

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